Thursday, August 28

Fall Fashion Inspiration...

My favorite season of the year is just around the corner,though its still very hot here in Cali, the temperatures are beginning to drop slowly, and yours truly can't wait for Fall to arrive in full swing.. Oh Fall,how I love thee,and the season top trend (layering) happens to be my all time favorite..

Photo Credit- Pinterest.

Monday, August 25

Outfit Post... Midi Chic

Happy new week everyone.. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Recapping the weekend, I must be the only one on planet earth who wasn't glued to the screens all day yesterday as the MTV VMA s aired on TV. Everyone is gushing what an amazing show it was and how beautiful the Carters looked and Bey slaying every time she performs,okeyyyy, that should be enough reason for me to make out time to watch the reruns this week..Well while everyone watched as the stars strut their stuff on the red carpet at the VMAs ,yours truly enjoyed the last few hours of the weekend out in town wearing my fav midi skirt.. Enjoy the new week guys,make it count... Check back soon..


Saturday, August 23

Beauty Post...My Skincare Routine (updated)

 Origins .A perfect world SPF 25. After my favorite Kiehl´s Abyssine moisturizer was discontinued ,I turned to Origins.. I have a love/hate relationship with this face cream. Starting with the love part, I think its a great product,moisturizes and hydrates the skin like no other, and the spf 25 makes it a winner in my books,. on the hate part, it can run into the eyes if used heavily thus causing that annoying burning sensation. Will I keep using this?? Yes I will until I find something better that doesn't run into the eyes

Mario Badescu glycolic foaming cleanser. Just got this a lil while back and I love it already.No surprise its a celebrity favorite they say..This cleanser leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth after every wash,... well as directed, I only use it 2-3 times a week and I'm very satisfied with the result, will definitely buy again..

La Roche-Posay Anthelois 60. Just after the first use of this sunscreen I had to literally put my neutrogena sunscreen in the trash. I mean this is the best sunscreen spray I have used so far,non greasy or shiny and offers great protection,makes it a winner for this hot Cali weather. This is a staple for me,never looking elsewhere..

Enjoy your weekend and check back soon


Monday, August 18

Happy New Week...

I know it sounds strange, but I do look forward to Mondays,especially when I´ve had such a great weekend (comfy,fun and lots of laughter)... The coming of a new week is very exciting as it signals  new opportunities to work harder in making those dreams come to live. Here´s to wishing you all a great week and remember to check back soon..

Saturday, August 16

Blogger Spotlight... Lydie From Artbecomesyou

Hey guys,I'm back with our blogger spotlight post and this time around Im featuring the amazing Lydie from Artbecomesyou, she was one of the first Cameroonian bloggers that  I was introduced to and I´ve been hooked ever since. Lydie is gorgeous with a great sense of style and she´s an amazing writer,.. did I mention her legs? yeah!! probably the best the game,trust me YoncĂ© aint got nothing on my gal ..Well the spotlight is on the gorgeous Mrs today, so read below to know more on Lydie..

1) Name, age,where you're from originally,where you live currently and where you would like to live for the rest of your life.

 Name is Lydie Enjema Epangue (recently Warke ) ;)
From Limbe Cameroon and I live in Birmingham United Kingdom. Where's I'd like to live for the rest of my life? Somewhere in the South of France or Monaco. They are heaven

2) What makes your style unique (or not)
I tailor my style to fit my body type and taste so in that sense I could say it is unique. But generally I just dress to look smashing! Hope I'm doing just that lol. I don't think I've fully eveolved or found my style yet. I learn new things about my flairs everyday.

3) How often do you blog and who takes your pictures?
I try to update my blog at least 3 or 4 times a week. Which is quite the task as i have a full time job! My pictures are taken by my husband Mathew (even after 3 years I still have to sweet talk him into it EVERY SINGLE TIME! lol) and edited by myself.

4) The most expensive item you've ever purchased.

In my closet? That would have to be my Louboutin pumps. I splurge more on accessories. Out of my closet that would have to be my Canon. Both purchases were worth every penny.

5) What hair products do you use on your gorgeous hair?

Gorgeous?? Not yet! I'm a natural rookie compared to the masse naturalistas out there. I do not shampoo it regularly. I co wash using my favourite product so far which is the Shea Moisture range. I also use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration when I'm broke! (Shea Moisture is pricey!) I have super thirsty locks so organic coconut oil, castor oil and Aussie's moisture spray are my go to products.

6) How often do you shop?
Well I BROWSE every minute. Always looking for a good deal. But I actually buy stuff at the end of the month or so. I'm starting to curb my buying urges and buy investment pieces so I only shop after I've saved enough to get stuff on my wish list.

7) If you were stranded on an island with just 7 items on you, what would you wish to be those 7 items.

-Tailored pants
-A GOOD book / my laptop
-Statement clutch 
-Pointy pumps
-White chiffon blouse
-Killa jacket
-Purple lipstick

8) Your favorite place to shop and why?

Well I've got 2 categories:
 Places I shop at - I shop a lot from Zara. Virgos Lounge & ASOS. They've everything I need on a budget. 
Places I would love to shop at - Net A Porter because it stocks all my favourite high end pieces. (Balmain, Sophia Webster, Roksanda Illinsic, YSL) Cushnie et Ochs & loads more.

9) Why should readers follow your blog?
Because THEY inspired me in the first place to blog. I started that with no hopes or inkling of anyone ever being interested in what I had to say. So am super grateful for any follower, comment, share I get. 
And also because the best of ABY is yet to come!

10) Pumps or wedges?

Darn, I love both. Okay pumps solely for their versatility.

There you go... A big thank you to Lydie for taking out time to answer  our questions and sending us these amazing photos.. For more on Lydie, check out her on;

Have a great weekend everyone ..

Monday, August 11

Outfit Post... The Lady Pants

Top-Forever 21
Necklace- J-Crew
Wrist Watch- Daniel Wellington
Pumps- Christian Louboutin

It seem like I'm always on the lookout for the perfect lady pants. Well I have quite a few already but I still believe there is a more perfect one out there. Picked this up from H&M a few weeks back at a ridiculously cheap price,..there was no way I was gonna pass on this. I love lady pants, they re easy to style and you can wear them almost everywhere depending on how good you style them. Notice my hair is acting up in these pics? well I might  have to cut it again if I don't  woman up and take myself to a saloon and get it braided lol... Well .. It s a new week,so make it count guys and check back soon.

Photo Credit Austin Song Photography

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