Thursday, July 24

Birkenstocks Anyone??

Birkenstock are so popular now, funny thing is I remember owning a pair as a kid,the ever comfortable and dependable birkenstocks... and nowadays , these super stylish ladies are bringing it right back to the fashion scene. They re probably the summers most stylish laid back sandals.Im still on the fence on this one... Would you rock them???


Tuesday, July 22


Hey Ladies, it s swimwear season and Missguided is having a huge Sale... Upto 50%  Off Swimwear. Get an Extra 10% Off Sale with code SALE10 at checkout.   Check out these here on


Monday, July 21

My City Post... Sunday Lunch at BJ´s

My love for good food means I'm always on the lookout for the next best restaurant or diner in my city. Thats exactly how I love spending my weekends and being new in Cali, its even more exciting never knowing what you get. While I tend to prefer small diners to large chain restaurants, I decided to try BJ´s this weekend. The outlay and decor was ok, so was the beer (hubby said so) but I was a lil disappointed with the food; moments like this make me miss Oslo even more for its small privately owned diners and Caf├ęs found almost everywhere,gotta love Oslo and other major European cities.Well until next time, this Norwegian girl is still gonna be on the lookout for the perfect diner/restaurant/cafe here in the LA/Rancho area. Enjoy the new week and check back soon..


Saturday, July 19

Outfit Post; Weekend Casual (Mickey Happy)

Happy weekend everyone,... and sorry for the lack of outfit post this past week. Had some family emergencies that needed my attention plus looking for a blog photographer wasn't an easy task, thank heavens I found one and everything is back to normal. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and check back soon for more exciting stuff coming up on the blog. We re still taking in photos to be featured on the blog, so don't hesitate to send them in.

                                                         Sneakers- Steve Madden
                                                         Jeans- Mango
                                                         Tee- Zara


Tuesday, July 15

Fashion Post. Platform Or Pointy Toed Stilettos


I had the most interesting conversation about shoes with my ever fashionable bestie the other day and it got me thinking, I do not own a single platform heel in my closet, I really don't know why,can't say I hate them,but I never really liked them either. My bestie on the other hand can't get enough of the platform heel trend, every single shoe in her closet is a platform,why she raves about how comfortable and how easy they re to walk on, my Love for pointy toe stilettos is a never ending one. To me a pointy toe stilettos is a must have for every woman, they re hella sexy and make you look and feel like a lady,confident and classy.  So guys, which would you rock, Platform Or Pointy toe Stilettos and why?


Friday, July 11

Barbie and Ken´s Nigerian Wedding.. Amazing

Oh! how I love  african weddings.. from the colorful eso-ebi glam , the happy faces, the music and all that swag, permit me say there s no party like an African (party) wedding lol ..  Now Ken and Barbie ´s Nigerian wedding is putting a huge smile on my face, call me biased,but these are the kind of dolls little girls should play with these days..that s my #opinion..


Monday, July 7

Outfit Post.. Serenity in the Garden

Happy new week guys, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was awesome, the July 4th celebrations here in California Amazing, didn't get to watch the parade though, the weather was terribly warm,so there was no way I could get under that sun without passing out. I stayed home with family and friends,grilled ,chatted and waited till the sun came down and it was time for the amazing fireworks. While we partied the day away...I stole sometime off to take some  outfit photos for you guys, can you believe I took all these photos by myself using my tripod? wow... Im sure the hubby thought I was going crazy lol, there s always a first time for everything they say.. and I'm so proud of this outcome..Have a blessed week everyone and catch ya latter

blouse-Forever 21
shoes and bracelet- Aldo

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