Tuesday, September 16

Inspiration; Bedroom Decor

Im all for muted colored bedrooms , I love how these colors calms and sends you right to sleep. With fall right around the corner,what better place to get inspiration for bedroom decor than my favorite place on the web (pinterest).



Monday, September 15

Outfit Post.. The white Midi and stripes

Top-Forever 21
Clutch- Asos (old)
Sandals- Zara(old)
Skirt- Missguided

 I'm going through some major changes in my life, since getting married,relocating and everything in between, a lot has changed, my responsibilities as a woman,wife,friend,daughter and sister changed a lot and so is my approach to style,. I have become a lil more daring but still in a very subtle way. At the moment, Im so in love with the monochrome palette, I mean almost everything I bought recently has been either black or white, and Im loving it so far, and its a plus that a wardrobe full of blacks and whites is easier to jazz up with some colors whenever needed...Well.. enjoy the new week and catch ya latter

Thursday, September 11

Outfit Post....Casual Chic

Shirt-Forever 21
Jeans-Forver 21
Crop Top-Choies
Purse-Mikael Kors

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of post this past week , yours truly has been preoccupied with other things that needed my full undivided attention , but hey...Im back and it feels good.. How have you all been? great I guess. Well..about my outfit for today, Im back to loving the color black , its always been a love/hate relationship, and I guess the Love part of it is on ..lol, so expect to see me wearing lots of black here on the blog especially as the temperatures are beginning to drop slowly and you know what they say,... when in doubt,go Black..  Enjoy the rest of your week and catch ya latter...


Tuesday, September 2

Happy New Week ;

Happy New week guys, hope you all had an amazing weekend.. No new outfit post this week, if you  have followed the blog for sometime now, Im sure you ll recognize the outfit, and if you don't, consider it new lol... Just sharing some few pics from that shoot,gosh I miss my braids... Remember to check back soon.. Have a great week y´all.. Make it count..

Thursday, August 28

Fall Fashion Inspiration...

My favorite season of the year is just around the corner,though its still very hot here in Cali, the temperatures are beginning to drop slowly, and yours truly can't wait for Fall to arrive in full swing.. Oh Fall,how I love thee,and the season top trend (layering) happens to be my all time favorite..

Photo Credit- Pinterest.

Monday, August 25

Outfit Post... Midi Chic

Happy new week everyone.. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Recapping the weekend, I must be the only one on planet earth who wasn't glued to the screens all day yesterday as the MTV VMA s aired on TV. Everyone is gushing what an amazing show it was and how beautiful the Carters looked and Bey slaying every time she performs,okeyyyy, that should be enough reason for me to make out time to watch the reruns this week..Well while everyone watched as the stars strut their stuff on the red carpet at the VMAs ,yours truly enjoyed the last few hours of the weekend out in town wearing my fav midi skirt.. Enjoy the new week guys,make it count... Check back soon..


Saturday, August 23

Beauty Post...My Skincare Routine (updated)

 Origins .A perfect world SPF 25. After my favorite Kiehl´s Abyssine moisturizer was discontinued ,I turned to Origins.. I have a love/hate relationship with this face cream. Starting with the love part, I think its a great product,moisturizes and hydrates the skin like no other, and the spf 25 makes it a winner in my books,. on the hate part, it can run into the eyes if used heavily thus causing that annoying burning sensation. Will I keep using this?? Yes I will until I find something better that doesn't run into the eyes

Mario Badescu glycolic foaming cleanser. Just got this a lil while back and I love it already.No surprise its a celebrity favorite they say..This cleanser leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth after every wash,... well as directed, I only use it 2-3 times a week and I'm very satisfied with the result, will definitely buy again..

La Roche-Posay Anthelois 60. Just after the first use of this sunscreen I had to literally put my neutrogena sunscreen in the trash. I mean this is the best sunscreen spray I have used so far,non greasy or shiny and offers great protection,makes it a winner for this hot Cali weather. This is a staple for me,never looking elsewhere..

Enjoy your weekend and check back soon

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